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Rymerce Ionic Shower Head 3 Function
Rymerce Ionic Shower Head 3 Function
Rymerce Ionic Shower Head 3 Function
Rymerce Ionic Shower Head 3 Function
Rymerce Ionic Shower Head 3 Function
Rymerce Ionic Shower Head 3 Function
Rymerce Ionic Shower Head 3 Function

Rymerce Ionic Shower Head 3 Function

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The affordable remedy to a low pressure shower head

The Rymerce Ionic Shower head from Shower Stream is designed specifically to increase water pressure to low-pressure showers. If you are tired of having a low pressure shower head which dribbles out water, this is the product for you. The ionic shower head is the ideal shower head for low pressure problems. It is scientifically proven to increase water pressure by up to 200%, guaranteeing you will have a better shower.

The Rymerce Ionic shower head is one of, if not the best, high pressure shower heads in the UK.

It is also a water saving shower head. Our advanced micro nozzle technology saves up to 30% of water consumption every time you use the product. Not only are you going to have a high pressure shower head, but you’re going to be saving money while doing it too. With constant water price rises, the ionic shower head is a sensible investment to save money in the long term.

The high power shower head with 3 adjustable settings to improve your shower experience

At Shower Stream, we think everyone deserves to have an amazing shower. There’s nothing fun or enjoyable about standing in a shower with water trickling out of the shower head. That’s why we created our Ionic handheld shower head. It is a power shower head – a more powerful shower with the option of three different settings to suit your preferences. The jet-setting will show you what you’ve been missing if you’re used to a lower pressure shower. Pack some power back into your shower with this option. The rainfall setting creates a more relaxing shower experience with a constant, steady water flow. The massage setting helps to ease those daily aches and pains with a more focused water stream. Try them all and see which you prefer.

Increases pressure, improves skin & reduces spending 

It’s important to look after your skin. That’s why the Rymerce ionic shower head contains bioactive mineral balls which help purify water and remove chlorine. Chlorine has been proven to cause dry, flaky skin, especially when existing conditions such as eczema or other dry skin problems exist. This shower head transforms hard water into softer water. The negative ion filter also helps to repair hair damage from hard water. If your hair is currently dry and damaged, our ionic shower head could be the answer to your problems.

No hassle installation into any shower 

The Shower Stream ionic shower head is able to simply screw onto any shower hose. This high pressure shower head has the same fittings as other UK brands. All popular shower manufacturers use the same sized piping so it won’t be a problem screwing your new handheld shower head into your existing shower. Still not convinced? We offer a 30-day money back guarantee so you have a whole month to see if the ionic shower head is right for you.

Ionic hand held shower head specifications

- 3 modes: Rainfall, Massage and Jet 
- 2 Stage filter system 
- Material: Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate and bioactive mineral stones 
- Dimensions: 235mm x 80mm 
- Weight: 250g 

Package Contents

1 x Shower Head
1 x Rubber Plate for Extra Hard Water Areas
2 x Washers
1 x PTFE Tape
1 X Manual

To use the rubber plate, unscrew the large chrome ring, remove the metal plate and large washer and replace with just the rubber plate.

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