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Ion Mineral Ball Refill 6 Month Replacement Pack for Ionic Shower Head 3 Function
Ion Mineral Ball Refill 6 Month Replacement Pack for Ionic Shower Head 3 Function -
Ion Mineral Ball Refill 6 Month Replacement Pack for Ionic Shower Head 3 Function -

Ion Mineral Ball Refill 6 Month Replacement Pack for Ionic Shower Head 3 Function

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This refill pack is for the 3 Function Ionic Shower Head

Taking a shower really is one of life's great pleasures, and with the Ionic shower head from Shower Stream you can now enjoy a better and healthier shower experience. But are you really getting the most out of it?

The beauty of a mineral filtering shower head is that it does not have to be replaced, but from time to time the mineral balls that help with the filtration may need to.

Just like changing the oil in your car regularly to keep it in tip-top condition, it's recommended to change and refill the bioactive mineral balls of your Ionic shower head every 6 to 12 months of normal use, keeping you and your shower head in tip-top condition.

Mineral balls, shower balls, or water balls?

These mineral balls are sometimes referred to as ‘shower balls’ or ‘water balls’.

The best way to guarantee a luxurious shower experience with powerful ionic filtered water is to replace the mineral balls in your shower head regularly with our great value refill packs.

Ion mineral balls are made with the latest cutting edge technology: as the Ionic shower head forces an increase in water pressure, it is the mineral balls that work to carefully to extract chlorine and other toxins from the unfiltered water.

Replacing your mineral balls for maximum benefits

There are numerous health benefits that arise as a result of the mineral ball filtration process: including healthier skin, a reduction in fatigue, and even an improvement in alertness and cognitive function.

However, the mineral balls can become exhausted and depleted after about 6 months. The negative ion filter, once exhausted, will no longer deliver the benefits it is capable of. It is important, then, to replace these mineral balls for maximum water savings and health benefits.

Replacing the bioactive mineral balls in your showerhead is very simple, and having a spare supply of mineral refills on hand when you need them will ensure that you never miss out on the best possible shower.

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Customer Reviews

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Great Value for Money

Good product has slightly improved pressure and the water is softer. not sure I would pay £40.00 but for the deal price a great buy.

4 stars

Not as good as I thought and not as bad as not to have it

Thank you for leaving a review, we take customer feedback seriously. A certain percentage of our customers don't see an increase in pressure, this can be down to a variety of reasons such as existing water pressure is too low, or the flow bottle neck is somewhere other than the shower head.

Great product does exactly as described


Order given and delivery was very quick

Eczema Sufferer

I bought this for my ten year old son as his eczema seems to be worse when he has had a shower. he came out the shower last night with no sore eyes or skin and not itching either. we live on the east coast so its a very hard water area and this shower head has solved his problem as in he enjoys a shower now it hasn't cured his eczema but has made it a lot better, who'd of thought tap water would have such an effect hey?